Beautiful Wedding Storybooks

Our Wedding Storybooks are the perfect way to re-live your wedding day memories. We have a range of sizes and types for every budget. Our luxury 32 cm by 32 cm book comes with a cover photograph of your choice, and is in its own presentation box. It has a soft leatherette cover and the pages are beautiful printed. 

Our standard (most popular) is a 30 cm by 20 cm version opens to a 60 cm by 20 cm panoramic spread. Covered with a soft ivory leatherette and a beautiful cover photograph of your choice. 

We also produce "mini" wedding story books which are exact copies of the main book, just ... mini ! These are great for parents. 

Our wedding storybooks are included with every Silver, Gold and Platinum package. 

See For Yourself, What We Can Create for your Once in Lifetime Day!

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